EDAB Automation is focused on developing and providing Innovative Solutions for the Stone Industry. Our Machines are the most multifunctional, productive, reliable, and lowest cost to operate.

Our programmers create Software dedicated to the Stone Industry and update it according to the current needs of clients. 

Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in Automation, System Integration, Engineering and Programming.

It is our goal to provide professional customer service. We understands that your machines drives your entire business and how important is to provide quickly spare parts and technical support. We carry a stock of spare parts for our equipment. We are able to advise you on how to keep your equipment in good condition while operating at maximum efficiency and at the lowest treatment costs. We take complete responsibility for all solution we suggest. Whether your needs are additional training, phone support, spare parts or onsite support, we continuously strive to exceed your expectations.

Using the latest solutions, we are able to act quickly and solve our customer’s problem over a network connection, thus saving time and transportation costs.

We also understand how hard is to keep your business at a competitive level and how expensive it could be. Trying to meet the needs of our customers, we help to obtain additional funds for the purchase of machines such as credits or leasing.