EDAB Automation introduces the most reliable and lowest cost Wire Cutting System to the stone industry. It allows to cut materials such as marble, granite and sandstone.

Low cost of the cuts, profiling precision and surface quality indisputably make Wire Saw very competitive. Combining with Diamond-coated Saw Wire and other relevant technologies, Edab’s Single Wire Saws can reduce the waste from the abrasive lapping/polishing and the environmental pollution. Comparing with the conventional productive processes, our Single Wire Saws Machines provide the precise work completion and high productivity.

 Main benefits:

• maximum minimization of cutting costs
• spindle current control with adaptive feed speed
• less noise
• all axis with servomotors and ball screws
• guiding wheels
• automatic greasing
• better comfort for the operator than cutting on swinging saws
• simple operation
• installation directly on the floor
• contours can be drawn in any CAD program and imported into our software as DXF files
• pneumatic rope tension
• automatically curling or pauses in corners