EDAB introduces the most reliable and lowest cost innovative Mill Robot to the stone industry. It allows to cut and treat marble, granite and other materials.
Mill Robot was designed for maximum flexibility, with the capability to make various machining operations.
Equiped with liquid-cooled electro-spindle design specially for robots provided by Saccardo with speed adjustment via inverter ensures maximum efficiency and the best quality of treatmenent.
The varied tool magazine allows to perform various forms of finishing.
As shelf-mounted robot, they are optimized to minimize space requirements and that extends the economical reach range.
FAST INSTALATION: it is not required to prepare of special constructions under the machine
UPGRADE: opportunity to expand the machine from a single table to a dual table according to the current production needs, even after a longer period of use
SAVE YOUR SPACE: one Robot, large processing field
LOW MAITANCE COSTS: KUKA Robot is designed to for its first maintenance to be a simple oil change at 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation.
LARGE RANGE:  6-axis coils
INCREASED YIELD: Faster motion between cuts, high speed of electro-spindle